Speaking to pacified enemies

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Speaking to pacified enemies

Post by klausandhelmut »

Would it be possible to create a mod that adds random lines of dialog in a popup when you activate a pacified enemy? I love the idea of a linguist character, but once you pacify an enemy that's sort the end of your interactions with them. I think it could really deepen the feeling of speaking the language of the creature if you could talk to a pacified harpy and get a popup about how she can't find a suitable victim with which to mate, or a centaur and hear him speak angrily about deforestation in the area.

I also think it would be amazing if you could have a chance at receiving a quest when speaking to a pacified creature as well, if your language skill is high enough. Maybe with monster-appropriate rewards, like ingredients or potions from nymphs or spriggans, armor or weapons from giants, etc. And since there are no monster factions to gain rep in, maybe a chance to get a skill-up in the relevant language, to represent your improving relations?

Maybe the quests are a pie in the sky fantasy, but even just getting a randomized line of text would add a lot of value to language skills, in my opinion.

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Re: Speaking to pacified enemies

Post by TrevorTheDwarf »

That would be great, and I would definitely use those skills if that was a thing. When I first heard about language skills, I actually thought what you are proposing was what language skills do. I think it would be great. Quest could be cool, but maybe the reward is at the location, since it would be vary hard to find that exact monster. Or maybe their are other types of quests, but that would be super cool!

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