Mod request: Hygiene and bladder!

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Mod request: Hygiene and bladder!

Post by emmathepony »

So we've seen the excellent possibilities and immersion with mods like Climates and Calories, Travel Options, Roleplay and Realism and Taverns Redone that add "realistic" and/or lore-friendly elements to the game such as survival, hunger and thirst that keeps the player on their toes. Well, my suggestion is: let's go even further with a hygiene and bladder system! It should be optional and will add another layer of realism, survival and immersion imo... I mean, we already have games like The Sims that have it, Fallout 4 has a mod that has had it just works :lol: , additionally the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 will allow the player to use the shower and toilet in their apartment (info taken from the Russian Q&A with the lead quest designer).

I've always loved the idea of hygiene and bladder needs, especially in RPGs, because you can do things like apply buffs and debuffs that in turn effect how your character performs. I'm not asking for a complicated system like armour and clothes getting wet, needing to be dried at the right temperature and rotated... just something simple like needing to wash and use the toilet to prevent debuffs and give buffs in return. It also is immersive, to me, since NPCs need a way to stay clean :o and obviously many other people agree with this notion.

What do you all think? Easy to implement? Thanks!

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Re: Mod request: Hygiene and bladder!

Post by imsobadatnicknames »

I love this! I have some ideas of how it could work, but idk how easy it'd be to implement. For the "hygiene" part, you could have a dirtiness meter that builds up over time. Swimming in water could diminish it, but only up to a certain point, to fully empty it you could pay to take a shower at an inn, or take it at your house.
Having your dirtiness meter could give you a personality buff, and having it full could give you a personality debuff (people like you more when you smell nice and less when you stink)
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