The perfect Daggerfall

Talk about the mods or features you'd like to see in Daggerfall Unity. Give mod creators some ideas!
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The perfect Daggerfall

Post by shiddinator »

I was thinking about how much Daggerfall lacks in environmental variety. I was also thinking about how there was nothing to do in the empty space between the dungeons and towns in the game. I decided to make a list of structures and locations that could be added to the land of TES2, as well as some gameplay features. This is what I imagine a perfect Daggerfall would consist of. I'm not a developer and haven't even finished Daggerfall so this is obviously not a perfect list and there may be things that are literally impossible in a Unity engine or are already somewhere in the game. Anyway take a look at these ideas and enjoy :)

Housing Changes
  • Buyable Rooms/Wings (kitchen, dining room, inn)
  • Buyable Furniture (chairs, tables, beds, bookshelves)
Wilderness Structures
  • Bandit Hideout
  • Creature Dens (bears, etc.)
  • Orc Strongholds (smaller)
  • Necromancer Holds
  • Alchemist’s Lab
  • Wizard/Sorcerer Tower
  • Barbarian Encampment
  • Pirate Cove
  • Daedric Shrines
  • Altars of the Eight
Town/City Buildings
  • Court Houses
  • Mine
  • Textile Mill
  • Windmill
  • Farms
  • Embassies
  • Dwemer Dungeons (open/buried
  • Redguard Crypts
  • Breton Crypts
  • Buried Orc Graveyards
Monuments (active/ruined, small/large, invaded by others?, etc)
  • Redguard (arab-inspired)
  • Breton (more classical-european)
  • Orcish
Roads that stretch between towns and are near monuments/ruins/etc

Road Events
  • Roaming Bandits
  • Roaming Merchants
  • Roaming Guards
Landscape Changes
  • Rivers/Lakes
  • Thicker Forests
  • Clearings
  • Oases
  • Cliffs
New Town/City Types
  • Riverside/Lakeside Towns (new buildings: mills and docks)
  • Mage City
  • Orc Stronghold
  • Mining Town
  • Farm Town
New Guilds
  • Mining Guild
  • Merchant Guild
  • Trinimac Guild
  • Malacath Guild
  • Pirate’s Guild
  • Royal Navy
  • Barbarian Guild
  • Monk’s Guild
  • Bard’s Guild
Roaming Pirates/Navy
Underwater ruins

New Spells
  • Summoning
  • Necromancy
  • Transform into animal
New Items
  • Throwing Poisons
  • Throwing Daggers
  • Throwing Stars
  • Spears
  • Crossbows
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Skooma
  • Interactive Deck of Cards
  • Wood Cutting Axe
  • Miner’s Pick
If any modder would work on any of these things it would be my dream, and just a look over these ideas for inspiration would be greatly appreciated. All the developers out here are doing the Lord's work and all the effort you've put into remaking this game blows my mind. Thanks a lot and have a nice day :D

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Re: The perfect Daggerfall

Post by Jay_H »

Welcome to the forums! :) The situation as it stands is that we have an overload of potential without the developers available to realize it. Many of the ideas you've cited have been previously named, which I mention merely as encouragement: they're popular ideas that could see implementation in the future. Naturally, since they'd be mods, there's no guarantee at all.

Some previously suggested mods are:

Buyable Furniture (chairs, tables, beds, bookshelves)
Wilderness Structures (currently in a rudimentary phase by Uncanny Valley ( ... =20#p12757))
Roads that stretch between towns and are near monuments/ruins/etc (theorized by Uncanny Valley (
Roaming navy (rudimentary demonstration by Lypyl 3 years ago (
Summoning, Necromancy, and animal transformation

The new guilds are interesting ideas. We currently have one new guild in DFU, called the Archaeologists, which were made by Hazelnut. Appropriating existing buildings for guild halls is fairly difficult in Daggerfall, but it isn't impossible. Once a guild has a guild hall, it really just needs 1. Joining requirements, 2. Services offered, and 3. Quests (and the quests are not hard to make, if you have a good enough direction to go in).
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Re: The perfect Daggerfall

Post by ana12 »

Hi, these changes are super cool and loved it. I think it must can have feature to sold out furniture like bed etc.

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Re: The perfect Daggerfall

Post by King of Worms »

Its not only about the lack of modders, its also about what we are currently able to do in DFU.
If Im not mistaken, the modding capabilities of DFU will be more of a focus now. So I hope there is more to come.

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Re: The perfect Daggerfall

Post by l3lessed »

I want to point out, with the creation of the injection tool, we have free reign now. Any base file can be completely modified however we want and reinjected at launch.

The biggest issue I see is a lack of content creators of all types, including coders to build the base tools for the future modding community, like we see happen in other beth series, like skyrim and fallout.
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