Verbose Combat

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[Mod Idea] Verbose combat

Post by N_Molson »


Just an idea (or two) I had that would - I think - not be too hard to implement, as it requires nothing like new models or very complex coding, and that could make combat a bit more interesting.

1- Improve the way the "hit" sounds are played in battle :
- if the NPC misses the player : "swing in the air sound" (like when you use a sword without hitting anything)
- if the NPC hits the player, but the dice roll is in the "armor" range : "clunk sound", this seems correctly implemented when the player hits NPC armor. And maybe some minor screen shaking.
- The "NPC hits the player and hurt him/her" is correctly implemented, nothing to do !

2- Display combat odds with an on-screen line of text :
- "Role-Play mode" : "you swing your weapon... but miss / you swing your weapon... and hit your enemy, but the blow bounces on his armor / you swing your weapon and hurt your enemy".
- "Numerical mode" (I guess this would be the most popular one) : combat dice rolls results are displayed on screen, showing the attack roll, the score required to hit the enemy, the score required to strike through his armor, the influence of "dodging" and "critical strike" skills).

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Re: Verbose Combat

Post by N_Molson »

I'd certainly be okay with dice rolls shown as an option either alone or with descriptions. The baldur's gate and similar games did that.
Yes, I was thinking to the way they did it in Baldur's Gate too. Something purely optional, that helps the player to understand what's going on. Or for people that love numbers, too :) That and a text version for role-playing purpose. Sentences could probably be partly random-generated for a bit of diversity.

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Re: Verbose Combat

Post by Regnier »

it would definitely be nice to see when crit, dodge and backstab happened (is backstab indicated everytime?). Early on it would be nice, then turn it off/down or it only alerts when a crit kills or when a dodge saves you from a big hit/killshot, maybe how much damage a backstab did. (do backstabs do extra damage? do they work with bows?) lol

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Re: Verbose Combat

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I'd be all for it. It wouldn't need to be all that complicated, as long as it's more descriptive than "you hit (enemy)" and gives context to whether that clang noise was a parry or a block or what have you. I'd also like to see messages that tell you what a spell is when an enemy casts it.

Oh! And messages for when your attributes have been damaged by poison. That'd save me so much freaking anxiety.

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