How to change potion system?

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Re: How to change potion system?

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Consequence of Grace wrote: Tue Aug 25, 2020 2:15 pm Thanks again.

I have all the ingredients in a spreadsheet, but it was still worth looking at that Wiki page!

One of the ranks at the Alchemists Guild will gain a bonus to Harvest Reagents, so it's interesting how many monsters never drop them. I was thinking of increasing the odds of a suitable drop when killing a monster, but it looks like I will have to add the chance of a drop, say 50% +5% per Guild Rank from when that perk kicks in.

"There are numerous enemies which never or almost never carry ingredients:"

Animals (Giant Bat, Giant Scorpion, Grizzly Bear, Rat, Sabertooth Tiger, Slaughterfish, Spider)
Elemental Daedra (Fire, Frost)
Lycanthropes (Wereboar, Werewolf)
Orcs (Normal, Sergeant, Warlord)
Skeleton Warriors
Warrior class NPCs

I mean, there are so many ingredients that should drop from most of those! If you kill a Giant Scorpion or a Wraith, you should have a decent chance of harvesting a Sting or Wraith Essence!


have you made any progress?

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