[Feature request] Posterization effect

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Re: [Feature request] Posterization effect

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I know this is an odd choice on my part but D.R.E.A.M. textures + retro rendering post-processing ends up looking really cool when you're looking at a surface at a close distance


Now I wonder if it'd be possible to get some sort of CRT scanline filter going on, I'd go amazing with retro rendering (then again, I could just whip out my old CRT monitor and check if it still works)
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Re: [Feature request] Posterization effect

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That feels like a voxel engine to me. That's the only way you would normally see that much detail at that low of a resolution... Which is extremely cool and retro, because I really wanted to see voxel engines succeed more back in the day

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Re: [Feature request] Posterization effect

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what does it look like with Pure Vanilla Extract and Handpainted Models?

Could be really cool

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