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Re: Timescale to 1

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I actually think a one-to-one timescale would be a great feature, or at least some way to configure it and save the setting. The world of Daggerfall is quite comparable to our world in size, and I don't think that it requires a significant timescale alteration, unlike later TES games, which all have a rather minuscule world in comparison.

Another thing that would be great - add some time passing to various actions, like dialogues, picking up items, reading books, etc. Some can be real time (like the books), others can be just a small progression of time (a few minutes here and there) - I think this would increase immersion, especially when you spend the day shopping or talking to people. Since time is important in Daggerfall (quests have deadlines) - it will make you think twice before wasting time on some of the activities in the world.

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