Clear Last Popup - Utility Function

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Clear Last Popup - Utility Function

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Since a lot of events (such as interactions and deaths) lead to popups that can't be modified, I made a little function that clears the last created popup. In my case, I'm using it to stop death popups and the "You see a " popup on interaction on a certain enemy. :) It would also be easy to go through the list and remove certain popups, if you wanted to do that.

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public static void ClearLastPopup()
            var flags = System.Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance;

            var popupField = typeof(DaggerfallHUD).GetField("popupText",flags);
            var dfHUD = typeof(DaggerfallUI).GetField("dfHUD", flags);
            var textRowsField = typeof(PopupText).GetField("textRows", flags);

            var hud = dfHUD.GetValue(DaggerfallUI.Instance);
            var popup = popupField.GetValue(hud);
            var textRows = (LinkedList<TextLabel>)textRowsField.GetValue(popup);

            if(textRows.Count > 0)

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