My ideas for farms

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My ideas for farms

Post by andromacus »

Some other ideas of mine, this time related to farms, which are in my opinion not a really interesting location in the vanilla version. Bere some proposals of actions which could be some bere

Ask for hospitality: this would work well if night surprises you while travelling. If you ask shelter for the night you can get one of these three answers: you are offered a free room, they can rent a room for few gold or they can refuse to give you shelter

Buy food

Buy/sell horses or carts

Work: you can work for some hours in the fields in exchange of few gold. Some random events may occur while doing so

Get specific quests, related to the farming: deliver vegetables to a nearby town, purchase a new sickle at a general store etc...some nice and relaxing quests (other than the risk you may encounter on the road)

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Re: My ideas for farms

Post by N_Molson »

I love the hospitality idea, could be a dice roll based on reputation (commoners) and personality. Maybe affiliation to knightly orders could allow you to always pass the check at some rank.

Buy food (with climate and calories) makes a lot of sense too (a luck check could decide if the peasants have any extra food to sell). Also an option to take it by force for rogue-like characters.

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Re: My ideas for farms

Post by NikitaTheTanner »

Good ideas! Farmers could also probably ask player for protection - maybe from a bear, or a group of bandits that will come at night, or a zombie/ghost of a relative, maybe even a werebeast.

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