Smithing Mod Ideas

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Smithing Mod Ideas

Post by TheRealAnimeSpot »

These are just ideas that support roleplaying as a smith. I'm not familiar with DFU's modding system, so I don't know if everything is doable.
  • Smithing Skill
  • Armor / Weapon Blueprints
  • Apprenticeships
  • Ownable Store
Aspiring smiths can talk to any armorer or weapon smith in order to become an apprentice. Armorer's and weapon smith's should then give the player a task to complete. Tasks given to the player could be anything from delivering armor/weapons, gathering supplies, or turning in an item that the player smithed. Once completed, the player will receive an item blueprint which will allow them to smith the item, given that they have the required reactants and can pass the skill check. Failing the skill check causes the reactants to be destroyed.

On the unofficial elder scroll pages, I read that stores have different qualities depending on the text that shows after entering. If this is the case in DFU, then the type of blueprints that can be received could be dependent on the shop's quality. Higher quality means more powerful blueprints.

This may be harder to implement, but it would cool if the player could open up their own shop. Players can smith items and place them on shelves like NPC merchants. Then, they have the choice of either staying inside the shop during business hours (automatically pass time), or hire a store clerk while they go out and do other things. Different events can occur depending on the shop's reputation as well as the player's reputation. The shop's reputation could determine how many people visit. The player's reputation determines who those people are. Your average joe doesn't warrant an actual event so the bartering and selling is done automatically. An example of a special event is one where a faction asks the player to stop doing business with one of their rivals. Every time a customer belonging to the rival faction comes in, the player has the option to do business with them or refuse them. Their choice affects their reputation with the involved factions. The player could also receive commissions either in person, or through mail. Once the shop closes for the day, the player will be notified of the amount of gold they earned/lost.

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Re: Smithing Mod Ideas

Post by Ralzar »

Although many of the ideas ehre would take quite a bit of work, one obvious angle for attack here is to use the house you buy. Which is a really natural way to do it anyway. You start with buying a house, then you can decorate it with smith/shop inventory.
Owning one house that is both your shop and where you live is quite common.
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