Need ideas for bounty-hunting quests

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Need ideas for bounty-hunting quests

Post by imsobadatnicknames »

I've been working on a questpack lately, which will allow you to come accross Wanted posters when in a city, and choosing to pick them up will start a random bounty hunting quest where you have to track down and capture or kill a criminal to receive a monetary reward and a small increase in your legal reputation.

All of this is pretty easy to do, however, I feel like I should probably ask around for ideas for quests, to have a bit of variety. Here are the ideas I have so far:

-A straightforward one. There's a criminal hiding out in a dungeon, a noble wants them dead and asks you to bring a special itme the criminal has as proof of their death. Depending on your streetwise skill, the criminal might offer to give you the item so you can claim the reward in exchange for letting them escape.

-You must bring a thief who stole a gem from a noble. There's a reward from bringing the thief and another from fidning the gem. Depending on your streetwsie skill , you might convince the criminal to tell you where it is. Otherwise you might find out through the rumors system, or you might find a map that indicates where they hid it.

-You are tasked with killing a criminal who's hiding out at some remote shack. When you talk to them, they turn out to be a werebeast.

-You are tasked with finding a criminal in a remote city. However, when you track them down, turns out there is no reward and the wanted poster was bait trying to lure in unsuspecting aventurers. You are either swarmed by a large group of enemies, or teleported to a random dungeon you'll have to fight your way out of.

So... does anyone have any other ideas I could use for bounty-hunting quests? I feel like I should have at least 4 or 6 more to avoid them becoming too repetitive
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Re: Need ideas for bounty-hunting quests

Post by NikitaTheTanner »

Well, some ideas could be:
1) Same as the straighforward one, but with a twist: you're charged to find and either arrest/kill a criminal. You have to go to a town to ask about them, and you find out that the criminal has settled and now lives a quiet life in a remote location, maybe a farm. When you find them, they'll tell you that they've stopped all the criminal activities and are now living a calm family life, growing crops and raising children. They still have some loot from their old activities and offer you a bribe in exchange to being left alone. You can either take the bribe, refuse and start a fight, or persuade to give in using streetwise skill (fight if fails).

2) Halloween one: you're tasked to find a criminal, and it turns out they are hiding at a cemetary. When you arrive, you might either just find them there (and it's just the usual situation) or it might turn out they've been turned into a zombie by a necromancer, and you need to fight the necromancer (maybe a mage NPC or a lich), other undead, kill the zombie and get their head as proof.

3) Gang chase: you get a quest to get rid of a criminal gang with several members. Only location of one is known. You can find them and either streetwise to tell the location of all others and arrest them, or kill them and find note pointing to location of one other member. Then the same repeats for all the members - find and either arrest and lead to a town, getting the info on all others, or kill and follow the lead. Last one should be the boss and be extra tough with some better loot.

4) Wrongfully accused: you're tasked to find the criminal as usual. When you find them and talk to them, they say they have proof of their innocence and they've been setup. Can kill them and get the reward, or listen to their story. They'll that tell their wife is sleeping with the guard captain of the town, and he's put out a wanted poster to drive the person out of town. Can find and interrogate the wife, she'll confess, and then the player is attacked by a knight character (the corrupt guard captain). When he's killed, the wife will give love letters with their plans that will prove the corruption of the guard captain and the innocence of her husband.

5) Insane summoner: you're tasked to get rid of a mage, who's barricaded inside of one of buildings in town and has been summoning daedroths. Can kill the mage first, and it will cause daedroths to disappear, or kill all daedroths and the mage will surrender to an arrest.

6) Wicked girl: you're tasked to arrest a prostitute, visiting which had caused many to mysteriously die. When you find the girl, it turns out a Deadra seducer/vampire (can be either one, so you never know), which you have to kill.

These are just some ideas, can make your changes, or go in other directions, but I think scenarios like these could be cool. I also like that many have different outcome options for roleplaying and less repetition, even for the same quest.

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