[Mod Idea] Knightly Order armor shop

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[Mod Idea] Knightly Order armor shop

Post by Ralzar »

So I'm currently doing a Knightly Order playthroguh and I'm noticing a lot of weaknesses in the whole free armor mechanic. I like the general idea behind it but the implementation? Ugh.

I'm pretty sure I can mod this window the same way I did tavern drinks and food for Climate & Calories, so I'm thinking of doing something like this:

Ranks in the guild unlocks access to different materials:

0-1: Steel
2-3: Silver
4-5: Elven
6-7: Dwarf
8: Mithril
9: Adamantium

(No Ebony, Orcish or Daedric. To keep these rare. Orcish and Daedric makes little sense for a knightly order. And Ebony is just another black armor)

Ordering Armor:

When clicking the Recieve Armor button (which I might just change to "Armor" or something):

Step 1: You get a list of all materials you have unlocked.

Step 2: You select the armor type you want. This includes the RP&R:Items chain mail armors.

Step 3: You are told a price and how long it will take. If you have just ranked up in the guild, the price is 0.

Step 4: You have to wait that number of days for the armor to be made so you can pick it up. Same as repairing items. During this time, you can not order any more items from the Knightly Order in any town. The length of time is based on material type. The better material, the more time it takes.

If I get this to work I might consider in the future adding a similar guild service for Fighters Guild, except with weapons. Seeing as Fighters Guild has pretty weak guild rewards and services.
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Re: [Mod Idea] Knightly Order armor shop

Post by NikitaTheTanner »

I like both ideas - ordering armor makes sense for Knightly Orders, and ordering weapons makes sense for Fighter's Guild. Maybe Ebony should also be included, for the highest ranking members, but that is up for debate.

I also think that you should be able to order weapons from weapon smiths, and armor from armorers, in the regular stores, different materials being available depending on the store quality. The price would have to be high, maybe x3 from regular price, and you'll have to wait days or maybe even months, but you'll be able to guarantee a certain piece that you miss. This makes complete sense from the roleplaying perspective, and shouldn't ruin the balance as the price will be quite steep.

Fighters Guild and Knightly Orders can simply offer the same service, but with significant discount (x1.5 instead, for example) and more material options (Ebony, wink-wink :roll: ), but only for members of the high enough rank.

P.S. I would probably exclude Dwarven items from potential orders though, for lore reasons. I know Dwemer weren't a thing in Daggerfall, but I still have hopes of making Dwarven material rarer and maybe somebody will add Dwemer ruins to Hammerfell in the future, so it wouldn't be something regular smiths can work with. This is just my idea, feel free to ignore if you feel like Dwarven material should be common :)

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