IDEA: Equipped torch casts shadows same as the spell "Light"

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IDEA: Equipped torch casts shadows same as the spell "Light"

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So when I cast a "light" spell, the light produced casts shadows all around including the world geometry (like walls) and I like that.
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When I equip my torch, the light casts shadows from sprites, but not from world geometry.

Is it possible to change that?

It could be either a option in the game (Torch casts geometry shadows ON/OFF)


A mod script ppl can use. Id like to include such script in my DREAM mod, it would be great!

Also, a detail. When you cast "light" the light source is kind of moving and that makes the shadows jump around.
This effect is too strong. But if it was reduced to 50 or 25% it could produce realistic torch light, because that light is not 100% static in real life neither.

Thanks a lot for consideration :)

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