Blood Call: making enemy groups more dangerous

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Blood Call: making enemy groups more dangerous

Post by pango »

I do like how enhanced combat AI makes one-to-one combat more difficult and varied, the enemy not staying static or predictably coming in range and attacking you.
However when applied to each enemy in an attacking group, it has the drawback of delaying attacks, making the group manageable and barely more threatening than a single enemy.
I'm sure complex coordinated decisions could be implemented, but I'd like to suggest a simple modification that I've been thinking about:
  • For each character, player included, keep track of when (s)he got hurt (no matter by what; but maybe non-observable sources, say poisons, could be excluded?);
  • For each or his/her enemies, add a short period of time after that with increased probability of starting an attack.
Basically make enemies try to exploit times of weakness.

For single enemies, that may result in some kind of "combo attacks", if the period is long enough that current attack can finish and another one be immediately triggered.
But for group of enemies, it could results in (quasi-)simultaneous attacks, just because several enemies would make the same observation at the same time.

I'm not sure it that would be sufficient, or how much tweaking it would require, but I wanted to share that idea...
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Re: Blood Call: making enemy groups more dangerous

Post by l3lessed »

I've had thoughts about this as I have worked on my mods.

Currently the enemy ai script is a amazing and cool addition. There is lots of room for expansion too.

I feel there needs to be more "combat states" to really make combat more immersive and modern feeling. I've added in a real basic parry state in my shield and ambidexterity mods. But, this could easily be expanded so enemies use it in more interactive ways, where they parry attacks actively based on player and their state. Right now, it happens as a random thing when the player and enemy just happen to be attacking.

If i can get in some form of a shield block mechanics for enemies, then things could get interesting.

Outside that, some pack AI behavior and change of enemy aggression states based on players health and stats would really add another layer.
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