KoW game improvement ideas/suggestions

Talk about the mods or features you'd like to see in Daggerfall Unity. Give mod creators some ideas!
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KoW game improvement ideas/suggestions

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Hi, Ive decided to put my ideas/suggestions all in one thread

Day/Night light curve:
- During the full afternoon when sun is directly above your head, the brightness of the game is too much and looks bad. Reduce that light to the levels it has cca 3 hours be4/after noon. Or open that for modding. Or introduce DayLight ambient settings please.

Reworked/upgraded weather system
- Support for more weathers, smooth transitions & better particles
- Desert shader effect of hot shimmering air
- Freezing effect at the screen edges in mountains during winter/night
- Nicer dusk/dawn shading
- Storm - light effects (white strobe flash) and lightning effect (the actual visible lightning jolt)
- DOF for fog weather

- Allow handheld items (swords, but also the horse, hands..) to receive light from its surrounding. So it gets darker in dungeon or during the night and vice versa. Plus it reacts to you standing by the light/torch

Daedra summoning:
- This endgame activity is seriously underwhelming! You pay 200 000 gold, the 2fps blurry animation without sound is played and you get quest. I need to be able to replace the videos. Also, the existing game sprites for daedras are not used. That should change. More details here http://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic. ... 51b#p50387

- The fog is too bright! If you dive in a dark dungeon, you are welcomed with bright blue cartoon-ish water
- Shader effect for underwater distortion
- Shader effect for when you leave the water (drops going down the screen or just simple blurry image getting in focus)
- Use the unused underwater sprites (static and animated sprites are in the game 105/106 archives) *more about this in the unused assets section

- Crickets sound slow fade in/out
- Tracks fade in / out on location change (ex: leave/enter cemetery)
- Allow modders to set a sound to events/sprites/models (ex.: jump, fountain sound, bird sound from tree)
- Allow to add some ambient effects (day is so silent, only 2 tracks for birds and thats it)

- Spell lights have no fade off - they appear and more importantly disappear in one frame - Implement Smooth start/end of light source (spells)

- Either it slowly sails/moves forward
- Or its docked at the small remote island, with small player home maybe
- Allow player to buy that small boat model as well :) And maybe make it so you can ride it around in 3d

Airships or Birds tech:
- So we have these 2 mods adding things to the sky, something similar could be used to occasionally cast a
meteorites/falling star at night

- Non RGB rendering? - this was spoken about for a while by Interkarma
- Functional DOF - just a slight DOF at the max distance for better fading
- Better SSAO - not sure if Unity can provide it tho, HBAO etc
- Particles for the spells - not just the sprites we have now, but sparks, smoke etc
- Equipped torches cast full shadows, including geometry, more details here: http://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic. ... b823ab2e31

- Allow modders to provide new types of MOBs with new graphics (Id like to create a more varied humans, with different colors) - ideally allow us to include new sounds for those, new loot tables, dmg... all settings standard MOB has
- This could be extended to adding new NPCs, new portraits for them, new sprites....

- Torch - allow hotkey
- Commoners and animals have shadows and colliders - as it is now, they do not have neither
(This seems to be implemented already but only in the INI settings so far http://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic. ... 932e80d816 )

- Show the outer world if you loiter outside. Like when you set the "timescale" to 500, so u can see the sun progress
Maybe extend it to sleeping outside as well.

Unused assets:
- Mages guilds interiors do not use the windows textures. But these textures are provided in the game archives.
- Find a way to detect all unused spites, mostly NPCs, and lets get em ingame.
I have some idea about these: http://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic. ... 932e80d816

Thanks for reading and consideration :)

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