What if Daggerfall was a little more like skyrim and arena with classes and skills?

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Re: What if Daggerfall was a little more like skyrim and arena with classes and skills?

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* This is just my opinion, I’m willing to admit I may be wrong in my perspective.

This discussion seems to be more about a complete overhaul of the skills/leveling system and character creation to make it more...SKYRIM, not really about reworking existing skills. Respectfully, I have to disagree with this. The idea of Removing skills or Lumping multiple skills together and watering them all down, is bad and repulsive to me. This is the Tod Howard/Bethesda trend that pretty much most new “rpg” games have now adopted. IMO it’s lazy and uncreative. Pretty soon here we’ll only have 3 skills in our "rpg" games *Combat* *Magic* *Stealth* and all abilities will be lumped into those (maybe exaggerating, but you get my point). Over-simplifying skills like this is boring and stupid.

* To clarify, I don’t mind the idea of having some kind of perk/bonus system for each skill, but similar to Oblivion, anytime a skill levels up, maybe every 5 or 10 levels, the skill automatically gains a special “bonus” ability, not sure how that would be implemented though. This has been suggested several times in older posts.

So why not just work with the skills we have in DF and rework them, or even add some skills like Conjuration, Alchemy, Block, Armors, Armor Repair etc? I don’t see much of a problem at all with Daggerfall’s skill system, it’s one of the most complex and flexible character creation systems of most rpg games (Path of Exile is ridiculously complex!). Daggerfall forces you to think about your character build before entering the game world and then allows some options with how you want to play and level that character throughout your playthrough. And NO, just like all ES games, you aren’t locked into only using and leveling the skills you selected for your character.

I won’t get into a big argument about this, but I don’t really like Skyrim’s skill/leveling system overall. It’s silly and hyper-casualized BS. The way the game allows you to be the Master of Any skill at Any Time, or how the game screams at you to become a Literal GOD of ALL Skills - this defeats the purpose of even trying to create a unique character and does not fit in with Daggerfall At All. Skyrim really only cares about “You are the DragonBorn! Just go kill some f-ing dragons!” The main reason I’ve enjoyed playing 4K+ hours and dozens of characters in Skyrim is with my 400+ mod loadout. That makes it just tolerable, entertaining and enjoyable enough, survival/treasure-hunting game in the ES universe, adding a decent amount of replayability. But I much prefer the complex rpg character creation and development elements of games like Daggerfall and Morrowind.

To put it simply - I don’t need or want to SKYWIMPIFY my Daggerfall thanks! :D

Instead of removing and/or lumping skills, we should work on improving and expanding on these existing skills, fix some inconsistencies, maybe add new abilities to skills or add some new skills. We shouldn’t just remove things just because it’s currently a “mess”

- ALL Language skills need to stay. They just need reworking to be actually useful and rewarding.
- Agree with l3lessed about Class Restrictions. That’s going too far and doesn’t allow for flexible creativity in character development.
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Re: What if Daggerfall was a little more like skyrim and arena with classes and skills?

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I agree with that too. The skills need to be implemented better and more systems can be added. With the level of mods that could be made we shouldn't think of limits.

I want the skills to mean something

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Re: What if Daggerfall was a little more like skyrim and arena with classes and skills?

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Lokkrin Zhataros wrote: Tue Jan 26, 2021 5:37 am Skills from Morrowind are in Red
Just an FYI, I could not see this on the light (default) style of the forums until I looked very closely. I actually was about to tell you that it wasn't working at all.

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