switch pro controller compatibility

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switch pro controller compatibility

Post by verytrueidiot »

I just tried to use switch pro controller and you cant even move you only look in circles so I suggest compatibility with daggerfall or can someone make a mod for it I tried looking for a mod like that and I couldn't find it

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Re: switch pro controller compatibility

Post by l3lessed »

There isn't a mod yet. This sounds like an easy fix, but I don't have a switch, so I can't make this fix for you. I don't know what input is going from the switch to unity and why it isn't translating for movement in DF. I imagine it is sending key properties not setup/listed for base DFU currently, and a mod would need to have about 10 lines of code to translate them into the proper unity Action object to fix it. Just a hook to catch the switch input and then tell the engine to run the proper bound key action.

However, one thing to try, there are allot of ways to customize what input key is actually sent to the software using either built in windows keypad settings or keybinding/keypad third party software. Could you use these, so when you push the arrow pad or push the thumbstick in a certain direction, it sends the corresponding move key? As an example, setup the software to translate forward thumbstick or forward keypad on the switch to the key "F" on the computer. At that point, it should work by grabbing the input from the switch, translating it using the windows setting/third party software to a usable key input, and then send it to unity/software using that input. Not as nice as having it built into the engine, but it may be a solution until a built in solution is provided.
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