Better Horse/Wagon

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Better Horse/Wagon

Post by Regnier »

I think modding the horse and wagon and making it more of a roleplay element and gameplay advantage could be cool.

The spawn of this idea was just to have the horse need to retire after a while, requiring you to buy a new one. I thought of it as a realism issue and something to spend your money on.

But there could be horses that are faster than others, some that can travel for longer times before needing (rest, food), some that (insert advantage).

The wagons could come in different sizes that slow you down the larger they are and the heavier they are. And i think you would need to replace wagons occasionally as they could only be repaired to a lower and lower standard.

Mostly, i think we should have to replace the horse and wagon periodically for realism and a money sink.

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Re: Better Horse/Wagon

Post by Ralzar »

I recently implemented wagon damage in Reliastic Wagon, where you have to buy wagon parts to repair it. If you let it get too damaged, it breaks down and you have to leave it if you can't get any wagon parts.

I have some vague plans of doing something similar to the horse in my mod, which shouldn't be too hard. It's mostly about making it feel intuitive.

I wish to at some point have different wagons and horses with different stats, but I'm not quite yet ready to attempt that. Wagon also has the problem that a lot of its functions are pretty hard coded in DFU to just emulate the vanilla wagon. So I'm not sure what I could even manage there.
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