[Mod Idea] Champions of Nirn

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[Mod Idea] Champions of Nirn

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This mod is an encounter type where when you achieve some sort of status as a character, you will be visited by a "champion" of that feat.

Origination of this idea: When you first wear a full suit of a type of armor, a "champion" of that armor type (and appropriately high level) will attack you. (or will be waiting for you somewhere....)

But it could extend to different aspects. When you achieve certain ranks in a guild, a member of an opposing guild will attack you at some point.

Ideally this would extend further to include all the skills and attributes to make it a full system, not just combat based.

These enemies could drop enchanted equipment or an armor/weapon that is 1 level higher than the highest equipped.

This could extend further to a 'revenge' system where when an enemy confronts you, a pop up indicates it's because of a previous incident.

I feel this would add life to the world and add to the sense of progression. The world would be reacting to you.

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