[Mod] Scalable Speed for attack animations

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[Mod] Scalable Speed for attack animations

Post by Kab the Bird Ranger »

Hello, this is unashamed self-promotion for my mod: Kab's Scalable Speed.

Found on the Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/daggerfallunity/mods/174

While the Nexus page itself should be complete on its own, I wanna emphasize here the current goal of this mod.

I noticed the melee weapon animation time formula was kind of broken in three ways

1) Speed does not give consistent benefits: going from 30 to 31 is not as useful as going from 99 to 100.
2) The formula gives you 1-frame animations at 115 speed and above. If you have mods to go beyond 100, there's no point in going further
3) The results at high speed levels are ridiculous. Just basically swing your mouse frantically to fight like a Dragonball character (I recognize some might be fans)

So I came up with another formula that fixes these issues, but I still need some tweaking to get some base settings that feel fun for most people.

I welcome folks to try out my mod, mess with the settings, and tell me what values you prefer, with a list of other mods you have which affect the combat loop.

For example, I'm playing with encumbrance penalties to Speed, so I like having a formula that doesn't feel too frustrating at the low speed values. But maybe for other people, they just want 100 Speed to be as fast as classic but with smoother scaling while they reach that point.

Interested to hear your opinions here. Please point out issues, too.

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Re: [Mod] Scalable Speed for attack animations

Post by l3lessed »

Cool qol mod. I saw this formula so many times, but never picked up on these scaling and other issues.. I will for sure recommend it as a recommended mod for combat overhaul.
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