WIP: Basic Roads

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Re: WIP: Basic Roads

Post by Hazelnut »

That's it! All regions are now pathed. Thanks to all contributors, especially Dolorous John and N Molson who between them did the most regions.

For now I will ask that any pathing issues or oddities are posted on the forums and I will fix them. I may change the editor to allow submissions of corrections/refinements if I can think of a way of doing it, but for now I will do them myself.

I'll upload a new build to nexus soon. For now here's a temp build if any want to try to find pathing issues right now. :)
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Re: WIP: Basic Roads

Post by N_Molson »

We did it !

I've been playing a bit with it and honestly, it works very well with the default terrain sampler. The "autopilot" is a nice piece of work too ! 8-)

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Re: WIP: Basic Roads

Post by Eccer »

Fantastic! Can't wait to try it out sometime :) Good job everyone, finally Daggerfall has roads!

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Re: WIP: Basic Roads

Post by l3lessed »

Woot, one of the biggest immersion breakers is fixed. I always thought no roads anywhere was so weird, but understood the limits of the original.
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Re: WIP: Basic Roads

Post by King of Worms »

Congrats, this is a thing many ppl spent years talking about but you and the team actually did it 👍

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