Project "Increased Terrain Distance"

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Re: Project "Increased Terrain Distance"

Postby Nystul » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:44 am

Distance for near terrain can be adjusted with the slider from dfunity advanced settings window. It is capped for performance reasons to 4. Maybe we should consider allowing to increase it via ini file settings even further - would like to hear opinions of other developers about this first. Thing is performance will likely break completely if increased further, even for just 5.

I can make a setting for far terrain blending distance and horizon fading distance. Only thing is I am not a big fan of these adjustable settings. Reason is that people fiddle around with them without knowing what they do and complaining then that something is broken, e.g. Reflections mod setting reflection texture resolution. Some ppl were confused because they thought upping these values would give them rougher reflections which is not the case. So I fear that people will think more is better also for far terrain settings which is not the case for this mod either

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