AI Upscaled Textures

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Re: AI Upscaled Textures

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I decided to give the previous faces another shot - this time with an interpolation of Spongebob Reloaded Swag (as used on the magazine in the upscale on last page) and Lollypop models. Afterwards I used imagemagick to remap the result to the palette of the original image.
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Re: AI Upscaled Textures

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Had a look thru them and they are nice, I know how difficult are these faces for AI so nice job.

I will personally not use them, because my goal for my mod is to have them all manually redrawn in HD (and that goal is lets say 80% ready)

Still, really impressive results indeed.

I wonder what results we could get on MOBs with these new algos, but I dont even dare to go there anymore :D I still think what we have is really good, especially the front facing frames which had a Topaz AI sharpening pass and lots of manual input after the AI upscale.
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