Kamer's Stuff II - Random Idea's and Plans

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Sieges or Pirates

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Re: Kamer's Stuff II - Random Idea's and Plans

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Orbarth wrote: Tue Oct 20, 2020 3:24 pm Looking amazing indeed, it really breath some needed point of interest to the wilderness.

Are those going to be a part of the warm ashes mod or is it going to be a different one ?
Its going to be part of Warm Ashes as a module for Wilderness Locations. Dynamic quests will have a possibility of being created at these places. (Captured merchants/children, sieges at bandit encampments). This will also be the heart of the siege mode where players can find camps of Daggerfalls army for an example to join and get certain quests like sieging a castle (With a supporting army) to capture nobles and kings, or even attack city towns.

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Re: Kamer's Stuff II - Random Idea's and Plans

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MAN !!!
You are getting too awesome, tone it down a bit...
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