[Mod] Tiny Combat Mod

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[Mod] Tiny Combat Mod

Post by Uncanny_Valley »

Tiny Combat Mod

Keeps combat very close to the vanilla experience but if you or the enemy fail the dice roll to hit, you do 1 damage instead of 0.

TinyCombatMod 1.0.zip
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Re: [Mod] Tiny Combat Mod

Post by BoneofMalkav »

Tested with 0.10.28. Sadly not working.

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Re: [Mod] Tiny Combat Mod

Post by l3lessed »

It's a single line of code to fix. if the author wants me to, or others really want this mod again, I can do this in under 10 minutes.

When switching to 10.26+, they updated a getmaterial object in the formula helper object CalculateAttackDamage. Update the line to use the new method, and this should fix it.
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