[MOD] Sneak and Crouch Combined

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Re: [MOD] Sneak and Crouch Combined

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I'd forgotten about the dungeon windows. There are places in the game where it's useful to have crouch bound somewhere on the keyboard. But it's not like tactical shooter games or Deux Ex type games where you're crouching every three seconds and really need crouch bound to something easy to reach.

Those are also the games I'd like stealth and crouching to be separate. Alt to enter stealth mode, then I can stand and crouch and "silent sprint" while attempting to evade detection, or I can leave stealth mode and go full combat with no interest in stealth. Then Shift would be crouch and the thumb mouse button would be sprint, like normal.

With Daggerfall, the only reason to put crouch on an easy-to-reach button is for super-stealth, and this mod makes that unnecessary.

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Re: [MOD] Sneak and Crouch Combined

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Updated mod for a minor fix as a result of 0.10.27 making the crouch action activated on key-down.
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Re: [MOD] Sneak and Crouch Combined

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My view on sneaking is pretty simple. Speed x Equipment x Stealth = Sneakiness. There is a tendency to associate crouching with stealth. This is because crouching keeps you out of sight. It does not make you quiet, apart from the fact that you are not moving as fast. A guy in plate gear with little stealth skill, crouching, is unlikely to be as quiet as a man in leather walking quietly. SWAT guys are trained to move very quickly while being very quiet. Crouching might conceal you behind a table but it's the skill of moving quietly that keeps you from being heard.
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