[Mod] Active Effects

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[Mod] Active Effects

Post by flynsarmy »

A very simple mod that displays your active effects directly on the HUD.


Messages for currently contracted diseases and poisons are displayed at the top left of the HUD.

Both ailment types require a set amount of incubation time before they'll manifest. This mod will add unique messages for incubation and manifested versions like so:

* Incubating: *$1 is slowly creeping over you*
* Manifested: *You have contracted $1*

* Incubating: $1 is slowly seeping through your veins
* Manifested: You have $1 coursing through your veins


Full source code as well as dfmod's for every OS are available over at the GitHub repo.
Copy the `.dfmod` for your OS of choice to your DFU installations StreamingAssets\Mods folder.

  • Incubating disease Image
  • Manifested disease Image
Future Improvements

There's a lot of room for improvement with this mod from its current state. Namely the following:
  • Include all effects - benedictions as well as maladictions
  • Add icons - perhaps green up arrows and red down arrows depending on effect type?
  • Mod options - text size, position, colour, types of effects to show etc
  • Perhaps a change in wording for incubating/manifested messages. I'm not 100% happy with them but they'll do for now
Pull requests would be happily accepted on the GitHub repo!

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Re: [Mod] Active Effects

Post by Regnier »

I think you could add visuals to the health bars or an effect on the paperdoll

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Re: [Mod] Active Effects

Post by Daniel87 »

Thats a cool idea! Maybe add root- or vein-looking like neon green lines growing through the red health bar :D That would make the effect quite visible. Or maybe a greenish haze effect over the whole screen or on the outside of the viewport, every time the player takes damage due to disease or poison?

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