M'aiq the liar

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M'aiq the liar

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Brings this popular character from the series to the Iliac Bay!


This is a pretty simple mod compared to the things I've done lately. Adds M'aiq (represented as Sabertooth tiger, as there aren't any Khajiit NPC sprites) as a rare random encounter. He only appears during the daytime. He says a random line of dialogue if you interact with him, and will disappear after 5-20 in-game minutes, or earlier if you attack him.
I wanna thank phantasmald over at the Daggerfall workshop forums, who contributed some dialogue for this mod!
I might update later if I come up with more dialogue to add.

Unzip the file inside /StreamingAssets/Questpacks. If you're starting a new game, that's all you need to do, otherwise you'll have to open up the game console and type startquest MQ to start up the mod.

Delete the questpack.
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Re: M'aiq the liar

Post by Kamer »

imsobadatnicknames wrote: Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:04 am represented as Sabertooth tiger, as there aren't any Khajiit NPC sprites
I might could help out with this when I have some free time.

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