[MOD]Interactive Terrain

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[MOD]Interactive Terrain

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I present to you the first dev version of Interactive Terrain Mod. This is inspired by the request thread here: viewtopic.php?f=12&p=52736#p52736

What Does It Do?

In the simplest terms, it allows the ground to affect players run and walk speed.

In more complicated terms, it turns on the walk and run speed overrides switches and then updates the walk and run speed calculation objects with tis own and finally changes the end speed result by the percentage modifier put into the text file

The mod, using a few coded objects, will continually check if the tile index number that player is walking on has been updated. If it has updated, it triggers a switch that then pulls the custom movement speed values from the text files and applies them to the updated movement formulas in the mod.

How Do I Use It?

Easy, get it from my github and install it. After that, use the debug console and the text file to edit all the tile move values you want.
In more concrete terms:
  • Install/uncompress the mod into your unity editor build under the "Assets/StreamingAssets" folder.
  • Launch unity editor build and load up your daggerfall
  • Ensure the mod and text file are installed properly and show up on the mod list
  • Load a game and travel some where to be safe and completely reset your move and tile values
  • Start walking around and see what tile index numbers appear you want modified - They will appear in the console as "New Ground Tile: (TileId#) | (MovementValue#)
  • Open the TileProperties.txt file in the "Mods/Interactive Terrain" streaming asset folder, plug in the terrain id you want to edit, and then plug in the movement percentage you want for that tile. Insure there is a comma separating the id from the percentage move value.
  • Save and test
Don't forget, all tiles not in the list will default to 1(100%) of base movement values.

What Can You Help With?

One of the things making this mod that became apparent right away is there is a very large number of tile indexes, even within terrain types, like snow. As an example, 2 is the tile index for wilderness snow terrain tiles, but the moment you get near a town, the snow tile index will change, even thought it doesn't appear like a terrain type change visually.

As a result, we need to begin compiling a list of all terrain index tile types and well balanced movement value modifiers for them. Right now, I have only put in wilderness snow tile into the text file, so it is the only one that will affect your movement speed. All others default to 1(100%) of base movement.

Please, if you begin compiling a good list of tile ids and values in your text file, share them with me and the community, so we can flesh this mod out for all tile/terrains.

Current Tile List & Properties

Below I will keep a list of all the tiles and their properties listed in the default text file that comes with the mod. This will help track our changes as we go. The List will be formatted as follows: TileName - TileIndex - MovementModifier
  • Wilderness Snow Tile - 2 - .75
Where Can I Get It?

https://github.com/l3lessed/l3lessed-DF ... %20Terrain

Mod Conflicts?

This mod uses the override Walk and Run speed switches. As a result, any other mod that does the same to push custom movement speeds will override this one, if it is loaded after it. As of now, there are no mods I know of that use this value other than 1.
  • Ambidexterity Module(Dev Release): Uses the bool switch to change movement speeds based on attack and sheath states. Needs updated to work in tandem with this mod. Until then, choose which one you want to modify you movement speeds, either sheath/attack states or terrain tile types.
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