[MOD] Critical Hits

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[MOD] Critical Hits

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This is a simple mod that changes the critical hit behavior to provide bonus damage, instead of increased hit chance.

You can configure it in the settings to a degree: The likelihood of landing a critical hit (for the player and foes), which of course takes your critical strike skill in consideration, and the damage applied, which also scales with the critical strike skill.

You probably have seen this feature included in other mods, such as Physical Combat Overhaul or Ironman, but these are big mods that might affect other stuff you're not looking for. Plus I like the idea of being able to fine tune the settings to each players liking, so this is what the mod does.

If you're curious check out the github page or the nexus for moreinfo and a download.

https://github.com/Julioevm/dfunity-cri ... /tree/main

Tecnical information
You can configure in the settings the criticalHitDivider (both for player and enemy) and the baseCritDamage, the formulas are as follows:

The chance to trigger a critical strike is (Critical Strike Skill / criticalHitDivider) + (Luck / 10).
E.g. With 50 Critical Strike and 50 Luck, and a CriticalHitDivider value of 4 you have: 17 % chance of landing a critical strike.

The additional damage dealt is Critical Strike Skill / 25 * baseCritDamage, if the skill is 98 or higher, a flat 30 damage is added instead.
E.g. with 52 in critical strike skill points and a critical base damage of 6 you would deal 12 extra damage on critical hits, on top of the regular damage of the attack.

A successful roll for critical strike, will add some extra chance to hit, to mitigate missing a critical strike somewhat. This is simply the critical strike skill level / 4.
The mod overrides the CalculateAttackDamage so any other mod that uses it will be incompatible.

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