[MOD] HotKey Bar

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[MOD] HotKey Bar

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I added a hotkey bar similar to what you see in a lot of modern RPGs. This cuts down a lot of menu hopping, especially with varied builds.

This currently works with weapons, potions and spells, I plan to add other things like food and camping supplies for the Climate and Calories mod.

The UI is completely optional, or you can have it so it only displays in combat. Thinking about adding a gameplay mode, where you can only open your inventory or spellbook window outside of combat. That would give a more strategic feel, as you have to make sure your hotkey loadout is ready before combat.

This draws your weapons immediately, but I plan to add an option to retain the wait times to equip your weapon for the purists.

You can map the hotkeys by hovering over an item (or selecting the spell from the spellbook), and pressing keys between 1-9. I plan to add the hotkey number you've assigned in the item and spellbook panels, to make it obvious where you've mapped stuff.

I also plan to add config options to adjust the size / position of the hotkey bar.

This is still WIP, so nothing is finalised yet, keen to see what you guys think? Any suggestions welcome.

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