[Quests] Jobs of the Thieves Guild

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[Quests] Jobs of the Thieves Guild

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Jobs of the Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild has around 14 quests, most of them revolving about stealing something from a house. Most of those can be completed in a short time and are risk-free. With Jobs of the Thieves Guild, I want to add more variety to the organization with around 20 new quests, most revolving around other criminal activities the Thieves Guild would take part of and with the risk of being caught by the city guards.

For most of those new quests, I'm working on different scenarios so that they can feel different. If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to ask.

I plan to release once the 20 quests will be implemented, but it's possible I release it earlier.

The quest list I have planned and completed is as follows :


1. Loaned gold recovery : Pay a visit to a fellow who took a loan with the guild and never paid back. Give him a good beating if necessary.
2. A Dame to Hurt For : One of the Thieves Guild's girls has been badly hurt by a customer. Teach him/her some proper manners.
3. Taking Care of Business : A shop has stopped paying the Thieves Guild for protection. Do what it takes to get the shopkeeper back in line. Unless your rivals, the Wharf Rats, took over?
4. Wizard Help : The Thieves Guild need a wizard to bolster up the hall's defenses. Do what it takes to hire a Mages Guild wizard.
5. Forgery : Steal a pardon edict document from the palace so that it can be forged to release Thieves Guild prisoners.
6. Casket Surprise : A thief stole a magically locked casket from a wizard. Should you know the "Open" spell, lend a hand.
7. Mages Guild Burglary : The wizards of a Mages Guild hall are conducting nighttime experiments in the wilderness. Now's the perfect time to break in and steal something magical.
8. Healer! : A thief has been badly wounded during a burglary. Rush to a healer or use a healing spell. You'd better have good running skills.

(Quests are subject to change, depending if how I imagine them is feasible to write in the quest engine)

9. Clean up : A junior thief botched a burglary by killing the owner and ran away. Dispose of the body and bring the thief back to the guild.
10. First Warning : A freelance thief has arrived in town. Deliver an invitation to join the guild. If he doesn't, ensure he won't steal again.
11 Sleepy Burglary : Know the Sleep spell? Assist a burglary by putting the owner to sleep while a fellow thief robs the place.
12. Jewel Retrievery : Reverse of the Jewel Smuggling noble quest. Track down and intercept and adventurer who's acting as a courier for a noble.
13. Gang War : Wharf Rats operatives have ambushed and killed some of your fellow thieves. Time for payback.
14. Jewel Heist : Participate in a heist in a jewelry store (be the runner, bagger, brute force)
15. Hostage Exchange : Meet up with agents of the Wharf Rats to exchange prisoners. May or may not go badly.
16. The Contest : Be the first to break in a residence and steal a valuable item. It's a friendly competition against other thieves.
17. Shipment : Go to a farm with two other thieves and wait for a shipment. Possibility to be attacked by the Wharf Rats.
18. Wanted : Break into the palace and destroy a "wanted list" before it gets published.
19. Knight in Disguise : Impersonate a newly appointed knight at a palace to steal a noblewoman’s necklace.
20. Bloody Deal : Bring a vial of noble blood to a vampire hiding in a crypt.

Some screenshots from the dialogue:

Excuse the gloom.

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