Extendable DaggerfallMessageBox

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Extendable DaggerfallMessageBox

Post by joshcamas »

I've been looking at the DaggerfallMessageBox class, and it seems pretty sparse, with no options for more than 2 buttons, or even custom text on the buttons.

I think adding a mode where you can define an array of buttons would be super useful for mods! Or perhaps having a separate class would be better?

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Re: Extendable DaggerfallMessageBox

Post by Jay_H »

Is this something you intend to add, or just a suggestion for the devs? ;)
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Re: Extendable DaggerfallMessageBox

Post by Interkarma »

DaggerfallMessageBox in core is built to do the job it needs to - no more and no less. If you need something else for a mod, it's simple enough to build your own custom message box class. Many other mods extend the UI or create new custom classes for their needs.

I'll move this to one modder discussion, as it seem more related to mods than to core.

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Re: Extendable DaggerfallMessageBox

Post by Hazelnut »

BadLuckBurt did a load of stuff on this, not sure where he got to though.
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