Terrain Sampler Troubles

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Terrain Sampler Troubles

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Hi, I've recently been trying to make my own terrain sampler, I'm not very experienced with C# or Unity. Because of this I've been studying other people's mods to try and figure out how everything works.

To do this I've been using the extract text function in the mod menu in my DFU game installation, then moving the extracted scripts over to a cloned DFU Repository / Unity project. I've tried this with 2 different mods, Distant Terrain (2.8.1) and Interesting terrains (0.5.2). I first tried Distant terrain, but when I tried to enter playmode there was a compile error:

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Assets/Game/Mods/distant terrain/ImprovedWorldTerrain.cs(29,48): error CS0713: Static class 'ImprovedWorldTerrain' cannot derive from type 'TerrainSampler'. Static classes must derive from object.
I then tried Interesting terrain, which compiled fine, and I could enter playmode, however the default terrain sampler was not overwritten.

I'm using Unity 2019.4.10f1 Personal.

Have I made an error, or am I just missing something? Thanks.

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