Windows #49: Wrong texture on dungeon entrance [resolved]

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Windows #49: Wrong texture on dungeon entrance [resolved]

Postby R.D. » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:07 am

I found a dungeon entrance in Daggerfall Unity that is showing as a tavern door. If you click it you get the message "This house has nothing of value."

In original Daggerfall the texture is correct, but you get the same message when you click it, so there is probably a problem with the game data. I wonder if Daggerfall Unity is actually "correctly" showing the defined texture and original Daggerfall just shows the dungeon door texture because it only has the dungeon textures loaded or something like that. At any rate, even if this is just a problem with the game assets I figured it could maybe provide some insight into how Daggerfall loads its textures.
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Re: Windows #49: Wrong texture on dungeon entrance

Postby Interkarma » Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:36 pm

Thanks for letting me know!

Daggerfall castle has the same tavern door issue in a couple of places. I manually patch that out so you won't see it now, and will likely do the same for this model. I can't help but feel Daggerfall is doing the same thing behind the scenes, as those doors are literally set to tavern doors in the game data.

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