Underwhelming haunting

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Re: Underwhelming haunting

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Hazelnut wrote: Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:54 pm No idea if it's related, but low level quests like clear bats or when you go to a house and get beset by baddies are different to how I remember. They are brutal now, and I am wondering if the spawning mechanics have changed and that's why... like in the quest script it says "every 1 minutes 7 times with 100% success" well I was seeing several bats quicker than 7 minutes I think.
In May infestation quests were adjusted by #1424, at least in part to compensate for the bug later fixed by #1568.
For example m0c00y14 was adjusted to display a message when you get in the right building, then to spawn rats every minute with 100% success instead of every 3 minutes with 25% success.
#1568 and the original settings would have removed 15 RL seconds from the delay of the first spawn, making the quest a bit more obvious, but not changed the spawn rate after that.

Since we now have both, those quests could be adjusted again.
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