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Restarting the Main Quest

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 12:41 am
by killowatts
I've completed the main quest, but was looking into options on how to restart it for a later run, on the same character. I think I found a way, but I guess I'm wondering if this seems "safe" and will not mess up my save later on?

On the save file, there are global vars for the main quest flags (LysandusSatisfied, LiftedCurse, etc.). I set those flags to "false", then did a startquest _brisien. I got Brisienna's letter, Morgiah's and Lhotun's in 1 go, which I expect I guess since I met the level requirements. I met Brisienna, then completed Morgiah's quest. All seems to be good.

Initially, I only did startquest _brisien, without changing the global vars on the save file. But it just completed immediately, I assume because the vars were set that I already did them all.

So... would that be an OK way to restart the main quest? Would love to replay it, but I also want to just keep playing my current character.

Re: Restarting the Main Quest

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:28 am
by Interkarma
Hi, welcome to the forums. :)

Resetting the global vars will roll back persistent state. Then to restart MQ need to do the following two commands from console. This will launch MQ backbone and everything else in order based on level, rep, etc.

Code: Select all

startquest s0000999
startquest s0000977
It should be safe enough if you do this if the old MQ has definitely finished. But might cause issues if anything from old MQ is still running. To be 100% sure, first reset global vars then delete the QuestData.txt file before starting new MQ.

Best to create a new save game before doing this, and you can always roll back to an earlier save if problems pop up.

Re: Restarting the Main Quest

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 2:34 am
by killowatts
Great! Thanks for the reply! When I started _brisien the backbone seems to start as well anyway, according to the debugger at least. Not sure if flags are correct though. So I'm going to try to start those 2 instead and see.

I looked at QuestData.txt and it looks like there are other quests there, like the artifact quests (Chrysamere, Staff of Magnus). I assume Daedric quests will be there as well eventually when I do them, I guess this keeps track of 1 time quests? Gonna have to take a look in there and see if I can figure out MQ related stuff, if I don't feel like clearing the others as well... if that would even work...


EDIT: Just updating my post that this approach (starting those 2 quests and resetting the global variables) are indeed effective in restarting the main quest. I've gotten as far as grabbing the totem, but stopped short of giving it to someone and running the Mantellan Crux, as I've been running that dungeon a bunch of times the last week to practice/memorize it.