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[0.11.0] Enemies for quest not present in location

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 12:26 am
by 13thsyndicate
I don't know if this goes here or Help/Support, but I was sent by the Fighter's Guild to a location to defeat a group of enemies hiding in a building supposedly threatening to destroy evidence. I've searched the entire building and the only quest NPC located is a wandering alchemist from that mod. Is this a problemw here Wandering Alchemists is conflicting with the quest I'm doing? Save zip from before entering the building attached - also I'm pretty sure this is a QP1 quest.

Re: [0.11.0] Enemies for quest not present in location

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:29 am
by pango
The quest is JHFG026 from QuestPack #1

And I'm not quest system specialist, but the fact there's another quest (from Wandering Alchemist mod) running in the same place seems like a good hypothesis; Possibly making this report similar to this one.

Re: [0.11.0] Enemies for quest not present in location

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 5:04 am
by 13thsyndicate
I figured as much, thnk you. IIRC this is actually the same bug that used to prevent the tutorial from running when you got to Daggerfall City (because the haunting of daggerfall made it impossible for hte engine to run the tutorial quest) so I think I should've realized as soon as I saw the alchemist that this wasn't going to work. Maybe there should be some mechanism for preventing a quest from using the same location as a running quest but IDK if this is even possible in the engine. Thank yu for your help!

Re: [0.11.0] Enemies for quest not present in location

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 6:00 pm
by imsobadatnicknames
Oh man, it's always kinda hard to find out that problems like this are the fault of my mods. The quest system is pretty good at doing random dynamic events and that's why I used it for things like my Travelling Alchemists mod or my Mercenaries mod, but every once in a while I get complaints lke this abot NPCs from my mods overriding quest NPCs and it'salways kind of embarrasing.

Perhaps it could be solved, liek you said, by implementing a way for the game to avoid picking the same building for two quests at the same time. Or maybe by adding a couple more quest markers to each building? Each building in the game only has one location where quest-related NPCs and items can be spawned. Mabe if every building had 2 or 3 quest markers, quest NPCs that get spawned in the same building wouldn't overwrite each other.