[Classic] Translation of Daggerfall

Discuss translation of Daggerfall Unity and the required Daggerfall installation. Help other communities learn how to translate Daggerfall using any available tools and processes.
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[Classic] Translation of Daggerfall

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A. Introduction
I would like to give an overview on translating the original Daggerfall. The first fully completed translation - as far as I know - was the Russian version by VorteX DrAgON. This one was followed by our French friends and their Le Project French Daggerfall. The French people helped a lot in making it possible to get other languages working, like the German or the Spanish version.

--> Thread for discussions

B. The Tools
The toolbox I recommend to work with are originally created for the Russian translation of Daggerfall by VorteX DrAgON. The toolbox consists of different tools for editing the relevant files of Daggerfall (see below). Daneel53 from the French community translated and bug fixed the tools for the Project French Daggerfall (PFD) to make it available to other people who are not familiar with the Russian language. The programms are now feature finished (currently: v3.0.2) e.g. ported to be fully functional with 64-bit operation systems. While they are specifically adapted for the French and German translation projects - as of yet - they may be widely used by others without any problems. When I talked with Daneel53 I heard about the possibility to add further languages. So this might be a thing in the future, too. :)
I. Overview on DFTools
  1. DFBOOEDT (v3.0.6) : To edit the files BOKxxx.TXT which are inside the directory Arena2\books.
  2. DFBSAEDT (v3.0.2) : To edit the files MAPS.BSA and MONSTER.BSA.
  3. DFDATEDT (v3.0.0) : To edit the file NAMEGEN.DAT.
  4. DFDEFEDT (v3.0.2) : To edit the file MAGIC.DEF.
  5. DFEXEEDT (v3.0.2) : To edit the file FALL.EXE.
  6. DFIMGVIEW (v3.0.0) : To visualise the IMG files (no edit).
  7. DFQRCEDT (v3.0.2) : To edit the quest files *.QRC.
  8. DFRSCEDT (v3.0.2) : To edit the file TEXT.RSC.
  9. DFSTDEDT (v3.0.2) : To edit the file SPELLS.STD.
II. Overview on recommend tools for other files
There are some files which can be edited but are not included in the DFToolbox above.

10. Daggerfall Font Editor (v1.0): To edit FONTxxxx.FNT files
11. VIDTitle: To subtitle videos with the file format .vid

- to be continued -

III. Alternative editors
A good overview on all known and published editors can be found on uesp.net. Here you'll find other book- and questeditors which may work, too. I still recommend the above - updated - tools for your convenience.
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