Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

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Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by Uncanny_Valley »

Mod: Birds in Daggerfall
Mod Version: 2.00
Mod Creator: Uncanny Valley

Mod Description: Adds flying birds in the skies of Daggerfall

v 2.0
- Re-written from scratch with all new graphics
- Adds 3 different kind of birds; crows, geese and hawks.
- Mod setting support to allow users to customize the mod.
- Comes with full source code.

Download Link:
(781.06 KiB) Downloaded 9593 times
BirdInDaggerFall2.png (460.63 KiB) Viewed 19446 times
BirdInDaggerFall1.png (136.86 KiB) Viewed 19446 times

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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by pango »

Welcome back :D

Those new models look very nice!

P.S.: Works perfectly with Daggerfall 0.8.2 under Linux. It adds so much to the mood, I love it :)
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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by Kamer »

One of my favorite mods, glad to see it return and it really gives life to Daggerfall.


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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by InconsolableCellist »

I just installed this and it's great! Adds a nice little touch of atmosphere.

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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by King of Worms »

Awesome, and its great the code is open now, so it will not get obsolette by a DFU update as the previous versions.
Great job, thank you Uncanny!

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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by Aleryn »

This adds so much subtle life to regular play. Thank you for this.

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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by mikeprichard »

Woah, Uncanny Valley's back! So pleased to see this mod alive again. Hope (s)he's able to find time to keep it working until at least DFU 1.0 if needed. :)

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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by Midknightprince »

Thank you thank you thank you, love it !
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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by Vondur »

Great! Does more for the game than than I imagined.
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Re: Birds in Daggerfall 2.0

Post by Mephilis78 »

I'll try it, as long as there are no cliff racers involved..... hopefully Barenziah didn't bring any of those with her to wayrest.

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