[MOD] Decorator - Update 0.1.5 (26 April 2020)

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[MOD] Decorator - Update 0.1.5 (26 April 2020)

Post by Kaedius »

Update 0.1.5

* Fix some objects being hard to click if set as container/in edit mode.
* Fix mouse cursor remaining when exiting UI.
* Block mouse clicks from selecting objects when clicking in UI in edit mode.
* Block activation of containers etc. while in edit mode.
* Added toggle for opening/closing the UI with hotkey.
* Added a few misc 2 objects.

Get it here! https://www.nexusmods.com/daggerfallunity/mods/70/


This mod adds a new menu to open when inside your player home or ship that allows you to place all manner of furniture, containers, and other decorations such as paintings, alchemy items, statues, animals, lights, banners, and more.

You may also add a light source to any object, and turn anything into a container, spell maker, or potion maker. Want to store all your loot in a glowing cow? You can!

The list of items will continue to increase, as I am adding them manually and initially only included items that would look OK in my own Airships mod. Now, I'll attempt to add as much as I can regardless of whether it makes sense or not to exist inside a home.

How to Use:

When in your home or ship, press the hotkey set in the mod settings. By default, this is the / key. Select a category in the panel on the left to bring up a list of available objects. Positioning is mostly done by looking where you want to place the object and using Snap and the blue arrows to fine-tune.

Clicking Low, Med, and High will move the object to the floor, a middle-ground, and the ceiling respectively. Medium isn't quite right yet.

Snap will remember your last Low Med or High selection and stick the object to the height. It can be finicky, use the Reset button with Snap off to reset the objects position.

Use the Sneak key to hide/show the entire UI.

Blue Arrows:

Use Shift to modify a few of the buttons.

Circle in the middle will place an object or accept edit changes.

Up and Down arrows move the object forward and backward.

Shift+Up and Shift+Down arrows move the object up and down.

Upper diagonal arrows rotate around the X axis. Shift rotates around the Z axis.
Lower diagonal arrows rotate around the Y axis.

In Edit mode, you can click on an object and use the arrows to move it. You can also apply a light, or set the object as a container, or a potion maker, or a spell maker. Use the scale checkbox to resize an object. You must click the blue "Accept' circle in the middle of the arrows to set any changes.

The Light panel allows you to set a color and intensity. If the Spot checkbox is checked, you can set the spotlight angle, vertical rotation, and horizontal rotation. Right click the slider to type in a number manually.



This does work with Handpainted Models, but installing Handpainted Models on top of a game that already has objects placed in homes/ships will destroy all items. Uninstalling Handpainted Models has unpredictable effects, but placed objects should remain and just need repositioning.

In addition, objects that already have a light on them (Fireplace, torches, lanterns etc) do not have their lights editable yet. The fireplace also drops through the ground when clicking Low.

Known Issues:

Edit mode doesn't work when using Retro Rendering. A fix should be soon...

Some objects are not orientated properly when clicked, notably Paintings. If you don't see a painting when it is clicked, use the lower rotate buttons until it's visible.

UI text may not scale properly with SDF fonts OFF and lower resolutions.

Lots of other stuff...

To Do:

There are still more models to be added, including many graves, statues, and maybe structures like pillars/beams. Work will be done to clean up Snap including the ability to only snap in the horizontal or vertical direction separately.

Ability to decorate the ship exterior as well.

Fix UI problems

GitHub: https://github.com/KDS-KDS/Decorator
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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by King of Worms »

This is really impressive, I was just thinking about the vid you posted a while back. Great job, its awesome!

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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by haloterm »

Wow, that's really awesome! Thanks a lot!

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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by Helegad »

Been waiting for this for a long time! :D

Are you planning on forcing players to purchase these items eventually? Seems a bit of a cheat to just have all this stuff pulled out of thin air. I'm pretty sure Daggerfall even has a list of furniture items and prices in some unused section of code.

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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by hello »

holy crap. amazing

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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by L57 »

Totally amazing, and I agree with Helegad: it really needs implementation through furniture shops, just like devs originally planned to do.

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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by Modulaire »

Do we have all the furniture already unlocked in the game? Where should you buy them? It would be better to opt for the second option I think.

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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by BadLuckBurt »

Awesome, thank you for releasing this standalone, it's phenomenal work. I'll be picking apart the code to see how this works exactly, too many cool things can be done with it.

I see people asking already but I wouldn't bother with the classic furniture shops just yet (if you even intended to). Those RMB blocks were repurposed to be Thieves Guild hideouts and don't function properly as a store, not all furniture has an inventory item icon either.

That said, this is definitely the starting place for a furniture shop mod in the future but it will be a lot of work.
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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by Baler »

Thank You!~~

Now i'll actually buy a house! :mrgreen:
Then spend hours trying to decorate it just right.
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Re: [MOD] Decorator

Post by Kaedius »

I definitely considered adding some sort of furniture shop, but I wasn't sure how best to handle a few things. I'll try as best I can to add in various options, but I'd like to hear some opinions:

1. You buy furniture and it's an actual item. Shops have limited amounts. You bring that item into your home and can place it via the menu if that item is in your inventory. You can store excess furniture as items in containers if you don't use them, and then pick them up again and place them via the menu as needed.

2. You buy the item and it unlocks the ability to place the item via the menu. There is never any actual items to be carried around, it just shows up in the menu as long as it's not placed, but is still limited to the amount of the item you bought. (preferred)

3. You buy the furniture and it unlocks the ability to place the item via the menu forever. Any future placement costs some flat gold amount.

The main problem to me is that there actually isn't that many pieces of furniture. There's only 3 beds and few chairs. A couple tables. The most furniture diversity is the type that are containers, but even so there's not a lot. Scaling helps increase diversity, however.

As far as furniture goes I suppose that actually helps the case for buying items individually at a furniture shop as you can just load up on generic furniture to place which makes sense. I'm in favor of option 2 above with that in mind.

What makes Decorator interesting in my opinion is all the flats and billboards like cats and cows and all the alchemy items, or books and scrolls and globes and ink wells. Also all of the stuff in "Misc 1" and "Misc 2". But those aren't really "furniture" and tying them into a furniture shop to buy individually seems weird. Or maybe it's fine and I should just add all of the items and not worry about it. Or just the furniture and some of the items I could maybe require actually owning before placing such as the alchemy items.

I'll probably add a "creative mode" option that unlocks everything and if untoggled buying from shops is needed, no matter how weird (like the baby or torture devices). In the meantime, a gold cost per item placed sounds like something I'll add to the next release in mod settings.

Also added the GitHub source to main post.

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