[MOD] Vampiric Options

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[MOD] Vampiric Options

Post by lonegamedev »

Vampiric Options


Small mod for tweeking gameplay and visual options for better vampire experience.

Allows to tweek following options so far [version 0.0.2] :
  • Vampiric faces mode (Always (vanilla), Only during bloodlust, Never)
  • Increase time till blood hunger (which prevents resting and loitering)

Enjoy. If you have suggestions just let me know. I will try to implement if time permits.

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Re: [MOD] Vampiric Options

Post by Hazelnut »

Added the name of the mod to the subject, hope that's okay. "[MOD]" was a bit non-specific. :)

Also moved into mod releases forum.
See my mod code for examples of how to change various aspects of DFU: https://github.com/ajrb/dfunity-mods

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