[MOD] Roleplay & Realism: Items (modular)

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Floppy N'Wah
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Re: [MOD] Roleplay & Realism: Items (modular)

Post by Floppy N'Wah »

Hey Hazelnut, Just posted on nexus then felt this place was more appropriate. Anyway as I noticed in the post above you sorta went over the defense value. But having regular shoes give +3 and your new leather boots have +2 seems off? I suggest dropping the value of shoes as 3 always seemed OP any how imho.

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Re: [MOD] Roleplay & Realism: Items (modular)

Post by Hazelnut »

I agree, it was silly that armor pieces gave less than normal boots. I looked at changing boots, and it would require core changes that I don't feel are justified by the gain. Instead I've reviewed and re-balanced armor values for all of the new pieces in this mod, buffing them slightly. I'm very happy with the distribution now, and have added a table for comparison on the first post.

I also fine tuned the price and enchantment for the new brigandine armors since some were a bit expensive. Released v0.8 with these balance changes.
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King of Worms
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Re: [MOD] Roleplay & Realism: Items (modular)

Post by King of Worms »

I thought of you and the Dream mod more than a few times.
Its quite nice when someone gets a glimpse of what I had to go thru, Im very sure absolute majority of ppl cant imagine it. But man.. maybe its better this way, so ppl dont realize how insane it all was. ;)

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Re: [MOD] Roleplay & Realism: Items (modular)

Post by ZerioctheTank »

Never expected to see tiered leather armor. I think I have the motivation needed for another playthrough now.

Edit: The Brigandine jerkin looks so amazing. I love this new setup. I can really play that old school D&D ranger now.

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