Prostitutes and Lovers Mod

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Re: Prostitutes and Lovers Mod

Post by legion »

I can't wait to join the Red Lantern guild and roleplay as a prostitute LMAO

When I first played Daggerfall as an 11-year old adolescent the paper doll, and clothing options, and animated temple sprites had quite a strange effect on me...

Its sad how the rest of the Elder Scrolls game don't have the same type of adult content, which really made the later games feel "sterile" and less immersive.

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Re: Prostitutes and Lovers Mod

Post by harbinger451 »

Just updated this mod to version 1.3.

It is now packaged properly for VORTEX. This version adds some "Sacred Sex" quests based around the House of Dibella, adds a couple more "Prostitute Yourself" quests that are available at a higher rep and pay more, and adds the chance to visit prostitutes recommended by commoners. Because I've added more ways of making money from sex, I've removed the chance of prostitutes paying you for instruction, they just give freebies now when your rep is high.

Have edited the OP to reflect this.

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Re: Prostitutes and Lovers Mod

Post by ZerioctheTank » that a bot? I'm too scared to click on the link from the post above me to find out.

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Re: Prostitutes and Lovers Mod

Post by N_Molson »

Interesting, I'm pretty sure NPCs mention prostitution in the vanilla game when you ask about "The Thieves Guild", something like "it's the biggest collection of thieves, prostitutes, burglars...". So the maybe it could be a way to join the Thieves Guild, and climb in the ranks, maybe even manage your own buisness at some point. There is probably room for "sacred prostitution" (Dibella) and "underworld prostitution" (Thieves Guild). The way those two institutions could interact is an interesting prospect (they probably should be rivals, likes the Mages Guild and Julianos).

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