[MOD] Real Grass 2

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Re: [MOD] Real Grass 2

Post by haloterm »

King of Worms wrote: Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:09 am With big enough distance, the grass becomes a monolithic mass and it looks just bad, especially in grass dense regions/season. This does not happen if you use lets say 150 distance, or at least its not so apparent.
Here's my comparison.

First, your suggested 150:

(Full size: https://xigwug.am.files.1drv.com/y4mqKo ... pmode=none)

Notice how bland and unnatural the hills (their color -- not the shape) in the distance look. Just flat green color. It nearly "screams": "Looks, here the grass stops for performance reasons".

Now, distance of 1000 forced in console:

(Full size: https://w4gwug.am.files.1drv.com/y4mMOK ... pmode=none)

To me, it looks much more natural in the distance, and I don't think it's a monolithic mass. (But I increase the grass distance to the maximum my PC can handle in all Elder Scrolls games, so it's just my personal taste.)

Anyway, I did only request the option. Of course it's a matter of taste if one wants to use it or not :) Also I agree to your suggestion to fade out the terrain once it nears the drawing border. :)

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Re: [MOD] Real Grass 2

Post by King of Worms »

Well Im not in a argument about anything :) I just say it would be cool for the grass to fade out the density at distance and that it would help performance while improving the visual fidelity at the same time. Bottomline is, better fading will help in all cases, so....

Heres a image with grass distance = 512 where I try tho show it, I picked up a situation where its apparent - day, no tree foliage, flat surface.
01.jpg (185.11 KiB) Viewed 449 times
U can see the straight cut as the grass distance hits its limit, also you can see the grass turns in the monolithic green, so it doesnt blend with the terrain...

Well thats all basically... if the density was not constant, but slowly getting lower with the distance, all the issues would be gone, we would get better image quality, better blending, and better performance. Also it would make the bigger grass distances actually work properly (and thats what you want - and I want it as well) so thats why I think its corelated to the topic.

Heres the same image without texts and arrows, so its more apparent.
Also, this is only 512 distance, with 1024 it get even more ridiculous ofc
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Re: [MOD] Real Grass 2

Post by Arathrax »

I didn’t read fully through the thread so apologies if I missed a similar discussion but looking at screenshot directly above this post:
Is there anyway to pull/sample the vertex color from the terrain texture and apply that vertex color to the grass so it looks like they work better together? Bonus points if you can sample the vertex color and give it a small variation per sprite for slight randomization. :D

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Re: [MOD] Real Grass 2

Post by ifkopifko »

Hey there. I've a little graphical bug to report.

The grass generated by this mod seems to render some unintended slim vertical lines. I only noticed it when "realistic grass" is turned on, does not matter whether "shader" or "billboard" version is used... probably something with the used textures in this mod. I'll attach some screenshots.
The lines are really thin, and are almost invisible when playing in FullHD. They become very annoying when retro rendering mode is enabled (or simply using low resolutions) because of aliasing.
Grass bug report.jpg
Grass bug report.jpg (230.8 KiB) Viewed 172 times

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