Linux #148: "remote" quest location is local

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Linux #148: "remote" quest location is local

Post by Jay_H »

I've been testing a custom quest, and in one instance it chose a shop in the local city instead of a remote one. Many other instances worked fine.

Code: Select all

Place _shop_ remote weaponstore
Full quest text:
Quest: JHFG018
DisplayName: Rights of Commerce
-- Message panels

QuestorOffer: [1000]
<ce> A shop in another town keeps getting robbed
<ce> by the Thieves Guild and they need a guard.
<ce> Wanna take this up?

RefuseQuest: [1001]
<ce> A bit too boring for you?

AcceptQuest: [1002]
<ce> The place is called _shop_.
<ce> It's in ___shop_. The job's nighttime guard duty.
<ce> Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for them
<ce> to show up. Your payment's going to be =reward_ gold
<ce> pieces, and I'll have them if you're back in
<ce> =timer_ days. Good luck, %pcf.

QuestFail: [1003]
<ce> The Fighters Guild wanted you back from protecting
<ce> _shop_ by now.

QuestComplete: [1004]
<ce> Welcome back! Easy stuff? Well, I'm glad you
<ce> made it. Take your money. Good job.
<ce> Three fewer thieves ____qgiver_ has to
<ce> worry about. Nice work. Here's your pay.

Message: 1010
<ce> There's no more movement in the store.
<ce> Looks like this job is finished.

Message: 1011
<ce> Hey, hold on! This one knows how to fight, here!
<ce> Let's be smart about this. Help us out, 'cause you don't
<ce> wanna get on the wrong side of the Thieves Guild.
<ce> How's about you go wait outside and make sure nobody
<ce> shows up? We'll pay you =bribe_ gold.
<ce> Everyone leaves alive, and we put in a good word
<ce> with the guild for you. Sound good?

Message: 1012
<ce> That's smart of ya. Okay, head on out and we'll get
<ce> started. You made the right choice, %ra.

Message: 1013
<ce> One of the thieves whispers to you.
<ce> "Nobody come by? Nice work. The guild's gonna hear
<ce> about this. They're always lookin' for smart
<ce> people. Take this gold."
<ce> The troupe leaves, carrying several valuable
<ce> pieces of equipment.

Message: 1014
<ce> You're surprised by a member of the town guard.
<ce> The fellow appears to have thrown on his equipment
<ce> at this hour of the night.
<ce> "Excuse me! I heard some noise around here and
<ce> thought I'd see if there was a problem. Is there
<ce> something happening inside _shop_?"

Message: 1015
<ce> The guard's eyes widen at the news. He shouts loudly
<ce> and rouses a few others to surround the building.
<ce> In a matter of moments they burst through the entrance
<ce> and haul the thieves out one by one, their mouths
<ce> and hands bound. One of the criminals gives
<ce> you a dirty look while being hauled away. The city watch
<ce> thanks you for your help, leading their captives off.
<ce> This may not have been exactly what _qgiver_
<ce> assigned you to do, but if the shoe fits...

Message: 1016
<ce> "Really? That's odd. Well, thank you for helping,
<ce> but you should really be in a tavern this time of
<ce> night. It can get dangerous out here."
<ce> The guard waves and heads for the warmth of home.

Message: 1017
<ce> Upon seeing one of their number dead, the other thieves
<ce> change their mind. This will only end one way.

Message: 1018
<ce> You set yourself outside the store and watch for
<ce> any risk to the thieves' work.

Message: 1030
The Fighters Guild of ___qgiver_
is paying me to go to ___shop_
and protect _shop_ from
night burglars. I have to fend them
off and return in =timer_ days.

Foe _q1_ is Thief
Foe _q2_ is Nightblade

Item _reward_ gold
Item _bribe_ gold

Person _qgiver_ group Questor male
Person _dummytg_ faction The_Thieves_Guild

Place _shop_ remote weaponstore

Clock _timer_ 00:00 0 flag 1 range 0 2
Clock _rob1_ 00:03
Clock _rob2_ 00:03

-- Quest start-up:
start timer _timer_
log 1030 step 0
pc at _shop_ do _inside_

_day_ task:
daily from 4:30 to 23:30

_inside_ task:
stop timer _rob1_
stop timer _rob2_

_spawn_ task:
when _inside_ and not _day_ and not _slain_
start task _spawn1_

_spawn1_ task:
create foe _q1_ every 0 minutes 2 times with 100% success
create foe _q2_ every 0 minutes 1 times with 100% success

_weap1_ task:
when skill LongBlade is at least 1
start task _skilled_

_weap2_ task:
when skill ShortBlade is at least 60
start task _skilled_

_weap3_ task:
when skill Axe is at least 60
start task _skilled_

_weap4_ task:
when skill HandToHand is at least 60
start task _skilled_

variable _skilled_
_inj_ task:
injured _q1_
injured _q2_

_prompt_ task:
when _inj_ and _skilled_ and not _s1_ and not _s2_
prompt 1011 yes _deal_ no _refuse_

variable _refuse_
_deal_ task:
say 1012
restrain foe _q1_
restrain foe _q2_

_ffa_ task:
when _deal_ and _sa_
start task _ffc_

_ffb_ task:
when _deal_ and _s2_
start task _ffc_

_ffc_ task:
say 1017

_job_ task:
when _deal_ and not _inside_ and not _ffc_
start timer _rob1_
say 1018
remove foe _q1_
remove foe _q2_

variable _rob1_
_job2_ task:
when _rob1_ and not _inside_ and not _ffc_
pick one of _e1_ _e2_
start timer _rob2_

variable _e1_
_e2_ task:
prompt 1014 yes _squeal_ no _hide_

_squeal_ task:
stop timer _rob2_
say 1015
start task _win_
change repute with _dummytg_ by -10

_hide_ task:
say 1016

variable _rob2_
_thiefwin_ task:
when _rob2_ and not _squeal_
say 1013
get item _bribe_
change repute with _dummytg_ by +5
end quest

_sa_ task:
killed 1 _q1_
change repute with _dummytg_ by -5

_s1_ task:
killed 2 _q1_

_s2_ task:
killed _q2_
change repute with _dummytg_ by -5

_slain_ task:
when _s1_ and _s2_
say 1010
start task _win_

variable _win_
_victory_ task:
when _qgclicked_ and _win_
give pc _reward_
end quest

_qgclicked_ task:
clicked npc _qgiver_

_clearclick_ task:
when _qgclicked_ and not _win_
clear _qgclicked_ _clearclick_

_timer_ task:
say 1003
end quest
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Re: Linux #148: "remote" quest location is local

Post by pango »

Seems it still happens; Just saw a stream by TalonHatesNames doing a predef thief character, and rank 0 "Fedex" quests end up being deliveries in local town.
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