Win64 10.17- A0C00Y16 undiscoverable location

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Win64 10.17- A0C00Y16 undiscoverable location

Post by jayhova »

I have a quest to find a missing person. Part of that quest is that I have to question several people. I've noticed on many of these quests that the quest starts out allowing you to ask about any of the locations and people associated with the quest without that information ever revealed to you in a conversation. In this particular quest if I ask about the location of the person I am trying to locate I'm told to go to the Kingcroft residence. Even though I am told it will be marked on my map it never is. Info mode reveals it to be just a plain residence.

Also with my particular set of mods installed when the scene loads I get a mostly clear Enhanced Sky with it raining. is that just me or does this happen with everyone?
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Re: Win64 10.17- A0C00Y16 undiscoverable location

Post by Interkarma »

I can confirm residence of missing person is not marked on map. Thank you for the save.

In quest list tables, I can see that A0C00Y16 is not marked as passed and has no other notes. It likely needs more testing and some fixes.

Will move this to bug reports now.

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Re: Win64 10.17- A0C00Y16 undiscoverable location

Post by Jay_H »

I tested A0C00Y16 in August and found it working well enough to pass, but I was using the quest debugger UI to find buildings rather than ask for them. I'm fine with disabling this quest until this problem's resolved.

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