[0.10.24] Replaced flats-> 3d models progressively sinking

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[0.10.24] Replaced flats-> 3d models progressively sinking

Post by AlexanderSig »

Hi. Not sure if this has been posted here but there have been a number of bug reports in the topic for the handpainted model replacement mod regarding flats that have been replaced by 3d models sinking into the ground with each reload. Also an issue with a floating skull related to a quest that is not visible with the mod activated. Some users have looked into the issue:
Allerka wrote: Mon Aug 03, 2020 6:04 pm I've seen some treasure piles all over the place partially sunk into the ground or whatever objects they're sitting on in 10.24 (And 10.23 I think). Usually I can still interact with them with some finesse clicking, as they're only lowered like a foot and still kinda sticking out of the ground, but they can be much easier to miss that way.
BadLuckBurt wrote: Tue Apr 14, 2020 7:17 pm I have looked into an issue with loot piles created by players dropping items in the world: https://imgur.com/a/UipobXL

I think this may have to do with the origin on these models not being on the vertical base of the model but your Google Drive link is release 1.43 and does not contain these particular flat replacement models.

Would it be possible for you to release the source files for v1.83c as well?

I have found a 'fix' by changing the mesh replacement code somewhat but it's not backwards compatible with flats if someone decides (for reasons beyond me) to disable your replacement mod and I'd like to able to confirm wether this is a coding issue or if it needs to be addressed through the models themselves.

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OK, I tested with a model of my own where I deliberately moved the origin to the middle of the model instead of at the base to rule out an incorrect origin on your replacements. Yours are fine, the model I made would always be placed incorrectly whereas yours are placed correctly. The problem lies in the code because AlignToBase is being called twice on player made loot piles.

That said, it would still be nice to have your source files updated but it's not necessary for tackling this issue.

pango wrote: Wed May 20, 2020 7:00 am There's a (known?) issue of models sinking into the ground with each reloading, maybe what you're seeing is an extreme case of that?
From some discussions on Discord (with BadluckBurt if I'm not mistaken) it seems the root cause is that ObjectPositioner component assumes models have their coordinates origin at their base, which is not the case for all handpainted models.

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Re: [0.10.24] Replaced flats-> 3d models progressively sinking

Post by Interkarma »

I'll move to bug reports and investigate soon. Will try to give this one a higher priority in bug queue after 0.10.26 is out and I start working through fixes again.

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