[0.10.27] Maximised windowed mode issue

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Lokkrin Zhataros
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[0.10.27] Maximised windowed mode issue

Post by Lokkrin Zhataros »

Just a small issue that I'd like to share. I always use windowed mode and have the window maximized, it makes it easier to manage my often busy work-flow on my computer. In the latest version of DFU when accessing certain DFU menus it 'unmaximises' the window, causing the window to become offset and I have to maximize it again. It does this with the main DFU menu after clicking on the "Play" button, in the mods menu and when Saving mod settings, when accessing the "Controls" menu in-game. It doesn't seem to happen with the "Save/Load" menus though.

It's just a small annoyance.


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Re: [0.10.27] Maximised windowed mode issue

Post by Interkarma »

Thanks for feedback, this sounds unusual. I'll move to bug reports for follow-up.

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