[0.10.27] - (MOD - BUG) XML files for nature sprites do not work + other XML issues reports

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[0.10.27] - (MOD - BUG) XML files for nature sprites do not work + other XML issues reports

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I decided to move this to "Help & Support" from "Modder support" because Ive realized this is a actual bug of the system which is supposed to work and not a request for a new feature. I also plan to report all other issues I find with XML system here, to keep it all at one place & easy to navigate. When working with XML, I go according these guidelines: https://www.dfworkshop.net/projects/dag ... #ui-images

1) XML files used to alter the nature sprites size are not working
Here is the XML file + modded sprite from the swamp biome. The sprite is easy to find ingame, its big and red.
You can see the XML is set to 100x the size, but the sprite dimensions stay the same
(135.14 KiB) Downloaded 7 times
2) XML files for interior static NPCs do "work" but if you increase the sprite size, the sprites get buried to the ground.
Expected result would be that the sprite stays leveled to the ground after size change.
XML Size.jpg
XML Size.jpg (225.38 KiB) Viewed 207 times
3) Ive created a HD DREAM version of the HUD for the Hazelnuts "Travel options" mod. We placed the HD files in streaming assets, they loaded ok but took the whole screen :) That would be manageable thru XML files in a same manner it should work for standard HUD files, but in this case, the XML files do nothing.

Posts in the Travel options mod: http://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic. ... f&start=80
Example of file which I cant properly replace:
TOcontrolUI.png (310.49 KiB) Viewed 97 times
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Re: [0.10.27] - (MOD - BUG) XML files for nature sprites do not work + other XML issues reports

Post by Interkarma »

I'll move this one to bug reports for some attention later.

The wilderness terrain foliage works on a different system (heavily batched GPU shader) compared to when the same flats are used in towns (individual billboards). It should be possible to observe the XML scale for both sets, but will need to look at the related systems again to refresh.

Don't know what's up with the resized NPC not being placed properly. I'm sure that can be fixed. :)

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